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Ever thought about Personal Training?


Hi all, for those that don’t already know me, I’m Damien the Gym Manager and Personal Trainer here at KLHC.  As I'm sure you’re aware by now there have been quite a few developments to our club over the past few months one being the improved availability of Personal Training.  So, I just wanted to take this chance to explain to you all about Personal Training and what it's all about. 

What is Personal Training?  How can it benefit you? 

If you’ve ever felt that personal training wasn't for you because you've not felt ‘up to the task’ maybe due to ill health, injuries or joint pains etc.  Or, maybe you’re an experienced gym goer and you feel there’s nothing much extra PT could offer you … then this might be the time to reconsider!


Personal training is exactly that … ‘personal’ to you and your specific needs or requirements.   The benefits for personal training can vary from:


  • Losing body fat

  • Improving cardiovascular health 

  • Building muscle 

  • Changing body composition

  • Improvements in Mobility and Flexibility

  • Aiding in the Recovery and Rehabilitation from injuries

  • Increase confidence and general all round well being.  


You might want to train for a specific event such as a 5/10k run or even improve your golf swing and so much more. 


As part of your Personal Training you will have an initial Consultation.  This is a sit down chat where I can gather all the information I need in order to understand your goals and how best we can achieve them together.  It also enables me to find out what approach and style of training is best suited to you as an individual.  In this way we find that results/enjoyment balance. This is really important in making your training sustainable as the key to any regime is consistency and there is no one size fits all in Personal Training.   


Within the initial Consultation I can also collate all your personal body stats such as body fat % (including harmful visceral fat), lean muscle mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (minimum energy/calorie requirement you need in a rested state for 24hrs), resting heart rate, blood pressure and more.  This is a non-invasive procedure and is by no means compulsory.  It does, however, provide an in depth reference point to where you are at from a health/fitness standpoint and a great platform to be able to compare and track progress along the way. 


As part of your Personal Training you can receive Nutritional/Dietary advice to help you achieve your goals.  This can be as individual and effective as the actual Training itself, sometimes moreso.  You can have a personalised food plan and weekly food diary reviews along with ongoing support and advice via email or face to face as much as required and no extra cost to your initial PT session payments.


In essence the Personal Training doesn't stop when the gym sessions do.  It is an ongoing support network to help you achieve the best version of yourself without it feeling like a rigid strict routine that you can't stick to.  


So if you have any questions regarding PT or you think you may be interested in Personal Training, whether it’s for 3 sessions a week or 1 session per month, we can cater for you.  Come and have a chat with me or alternatively contact me personally.  I look forward to hearing from you.  




If you have any concerns about your medical well-being or you have previously been advised to avoid exercise - you should consult your doctor before taking up physical activities.

Terms and Conditions for PT 

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