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The Team

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Adrian is the vital link to most things in the Health Club and has been for years. Adrian manages most of the vast amount of equipment needed to keep the Club running and he is also our IT systems Manager.  So there is nothing (and we mean 'nothing') that happens here that Adrian is not involved with.

Adrian is also a fitness instructor and our Aquaerobics instructor.  When he is not doing all of this, he can be found doing gym inductions and doing personal training with members in the gym.

Adrian is a keen traveller and if he is not here on duty he seems to have just  'popped ' on a flight somewhere for a quick visit. 

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Sports Nutrition

Pool Plant Operator

Leisure Duty Manager Level 3

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid



Damien is our Gym and Personal Training Manager. and he's worked here since 2010. Damien provides a social and friendly environment in which to make exercise fun and encourage members to participate and enjoy the gym.   He does a lot of personal training to help people achieve their goals as well as providing a great service for people recovering from injury or operations. 

Damien likes to participate in many sports and enjoys fell walking. 


Btec National Diploma in Sports Science 

BA Hons Degree Sport and Health Studies

Community Sports Leader Award and Higher Sports Leader Award

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Boxercise Instructor 

Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

Prevention and Rehabilitation of Sports Injury

Biomechanical Analysis in Sport and Exercise 

Pool Plant Operator

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid      



Harriet is managing the administration, accounts, advertising, compliance and general development of the Club.  She co-ordinates the activities, staff and space. 

When she's not here Harriet is usually with her horses or her rather scatty terrier, Rosie.

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid 

iOSH Managing Safely

Legionella Risk Assessor



Jenn has many years of managing swimming pools and importantly teaching swimming to all ages.  She is taking a leading role in developing the swimming lessons the Club is now providing. 

Jenn lives locally with her family and (happily for us) she's an avid swimmer!

Royal Lifesaving Society: National Pool Lifeguard

Swim England: Swimming Teacher

Swim England: Baby and Preschool Instructor

Royal Lifesaving Society: Rookie Lifeguard Instructor

STA: Level 3 Pool Plant Operations

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid   




Kate runs some of our group fitness/pilates/yoga classes.  She's local to the Lune Valley and is keen on promoting the healthier side of  life.  We are thrilled she's joined us. 

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Lizzie is still studying but in her 'off time' she can be found at the Club carrying out some of our never ending housekeeping challenges.. Gradually we hope that LIzzie will want to take on a wider role and you will then find her also behind reception. 

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid

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Libby is a Leisure Assistant  and is new to the Club.  She's here to learn all about running a facility like this.  She has a bit of a background with chemistry and is bringing these expertise to all the various dipping and testing that has to go on. 

Pool Emergency Response

Emergency Response First Aid



Rosemary is our PIlates Instructor. She's always been passionate about physical activity be it netball, athletics or yoga – indeed anything that made her move.


She came upon Pilates about ten years ago and what attracted her to it was its inclusivity.  'It didn’t matter what age you were or what physical condition that you were in, it presented you with the opportunity to take control and condition yourself for the rest of your life.'


She believe passionately in the main benefits of Pilates e.g. Core Strength, Flexibility, Improved Posture and Discipline. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than witnessing a complete beginner, who has taken up Pilates, surprise themselves and experience immense pride from the results that they have achieved.


She possess the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat Based Pilates which is Ofqual regulated.


As part of her continuing personal development she is currently studying Specialised Orthopaedic – this will enable her to assist people troubled by arthritis and other debilitating conditions.


Carol leads our yoga classes, she welcomes experienced and complete beginners.  Carol's aim is to 'revive' 'restore and 'rejuvenate' - sounds like a great plan to use. 

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

Art Director

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