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To contact our Gym Manager, Damien please either call reception on 01524271326 or email

Personal Training for Members (temporary offer)

From 5 6 23 - 4. 6 24 - the following offer applies for new members who wish to undergo some personal training.  This does not apply to child members or Young Person Memberships.  Adult Couple memberships = 2 members.  This entitlement is non-transferable.

5.6.23 - 4. 6. 23  (inclusive)  all new members joining the club (who have not been a member within the last 12 months) will be entitled to 3 PT sessions.  This will take the form of 1 health consultation  and 2 sessions on the gym floor.  Contact should be made with our gym manager in person or by and the first consultation booked, within 2 months of the membership starting to guarantee availability.

5.6.23 - 4.6.23 (inclusive) all members renewing their memberships within these dates, with no more than 14 days of lapse between previous memberships will be entitled to a free PT session on the gym floor.   Contact should be made with our gym manager in person or by and booked, within 2 months of the renewal starting to guarantee availability.

This offer can only be claimed once by any member.

Subject to members being able to attend the gym during our available hours.

We reserve the right to withdraw this offer to new members at any point.  All members who have joined and not yet completed their 3 PT sessions, will have these honoured.

No cash alternative 

Memberships must be current and payments made to qualify.  If memberships are cancelled before PT sessions are completed.  The PT sessions will be cancelled. 

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